Well, this old grandfather has been messing with this internet now for over four years and there is so much out here on the internet that you have to be very careful of.   I tried a couple that was not at all like they said they were and I got tired of trying and trying and not having much success.  I am 82 years old now and I have been in sales and marketing all of my adult life, and I thought I could sell anything, but let me tell you this internet is different. 

 When I called on an account in person they knew who I was and they knew all about my company I was representing.  I had TRUST and ACCEPTANCE right away from my potential customers, or customers.  I sold wholesale to Department Store,  Hardware Distributors, Office Supply and Office Machine Dealers usually in the six southeastern states and the islands.  I would show them how to merchandise my products, or trained and worked with their salesmen selling my products to their retail customers.  I would only work for companies that were the best in their field and that made my job a lot easier than selling products that weren’t the best.   

On the internet, I don’t have those luxuries in dealing with the millions of people out there.  They don’t know me and really don’t care about learning who I am.  I have to get their attention by building a relationship with them that they can TRUST and ACCEPT ME.  This is very hard to do with the internet because of the scam’s and mistrust there is here on the internet. 

One way is to give them something that they are looking for, and it has to be FREE to start with or give away bargain price that they can not refuse.  Those do not even work a lot of times, so I have to convince them that I can help them by teaching them or giving them a method that they can learn on their own.  That means that I would have to offer them something at least seven times even before they would look at it halfway seriously.  So that means I have to contact thousands of people and hope to get a few interested, right?  Well, all that is true and that is why most people fail at internet marketing. 

They don’t have the commitment or the time to do all of that.  Most of us have a family and a full-time job which does come first.  That means they would have to work part-time on their internet business and it would take a long time before they will see any income.   If you have ten hours a week though you could do all of this learning and starting your own business at home.  You spent all of those years in high school and college and that is why you are where you are today.  Could you spend a year or two building a business that would support you and your family for the rest of your life on the internet?  That’s your decision, you have to be motivated and driven enough to try. 


We have been on the internet since 2005 and that is a long time to be in business on the internet.  There are over  one point two million members all over the world doing this system.  They all started with nothing and had to learn quite a bite, and it takes months mastering it all.  We have all the tools and teaching aid you would ever need to learn this method and have great support and tutorials, and videos and webinar that you use all FREE to get you started.  After a couple of months, you can decide if this is really where you want to go and it is a fit for you.  At that point when you are comfortable you can become a PREMIUM MEMBER for only $19.00 the first month and $49.00 a month thereafter.  This is what additional benefits you will receive after you become a PREMIUM MEMBER.




What has been happening on the internet for the last decade is that people have found out they can sell and market all kinds of products on the internet and it has become big business, and it gets bigger every year.  What you have to decide is if you want to be a small part of it and start profiting from all of these sales and profits.  Or keep on doing what you have been doing, it’s a big decision and you have to chance to get started today.  Did you know you can become an affiliate and start your own website if you know how?  That’s where we come in, we are experts on how to do this.  We have made it is easy for you to get started FREE with no credit cards required and with a great support team and live chats and thousands of people willing to help you get going the right way.


After you have been involved with it for a while you may want to start recruiting others to join under you.  If you do this you will receive half of their annual payment if they pay annually or half the monthly payment they make if they are under you.  That means for every ten people you sign up under you, you would receive $240.00 every month on those people in your downline.  In time this will add up to a considerably yearly income.  And this is only another way to earn income.


I just want to say how much I appreciate you looking at this, and I would love to hear from you in my comments below, or contact me anytime EST at 404 271-8391 Don Raposo.  There is so much more to this that I can tell you right now, so please click on the link below and sign up FREE and I will be in touch with you when ever you call.  I’m leaving you with one questions if someone is offering you a FREE ticket to make money are you going to refuse it?

I almost did! so glad that I did not so if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please leave them in the space provided below.

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