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You know when I was born in 1936 there was nothing on this world that could do what a Ground Positioning System does today.  All of you young people just accept all this hi-tech stuff like normal and today you just and start using it like it is nothing.  Back in 1972, I was working for Texas Instruments and the engineering department asked us what they could invent that would really help people.  I suggested a system that could track people and in and an emergency situation they could push a button and it would notify the police that you needed help.  Of course, there were not any satellites that had those capabilities back then.   Now we have cell phones that have that feature as a side benefit.  Can you imagine if we had GPS during World War II, what a miracle that would have been for our troops? 


I was a traveling salesman for many years and I would travel the southeastern part of the United States.  My GPS helped me in so many ways over those years that I was driving.  I called on Funeral Homes in Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida for twenty-one years before I retired in 2007.  You know us men, we don’t like to ask directions from anyone, we think we know it all. With my GPS I was able to do that, and find great restaurants in all the towns I visited and anything else I was looking for was there in my GPS.


A lot of use have no direction in their life and just accept where they are and continue at the same pace they get use to.   It is called GETTING YOURSELF IN A RUT.  Why are you willing to stay there, and don’t you want to improve your situation in the future?  Are  you willing to go back to school and learn what you need to and improve your situation in life.  It is difficult to change your comfort level and make the changes necessary to learn and grow yourself.  At 82 years old age, I have been doing that all of my life and have achieved some remarkable things because I have the guts and determination to make changes in my life.  It wasn’t alway easy and I have had some tough times in my life, but I got here where I wanted to be.


The secret that I found early in my life is to find the kind of people that are successful and happy and become their friends.  This is the place where there are millions and millions of them right here on the internet.  There are all kinds of people here but you can find them if you look for them.  There is a lot of con-artists here, but there is also a lot more good people.  It does take time and a commitment on your part to create that kind of relationship.  In my career, I found some of these people and one of them hired me when there was no position available for me, but he made one for me.  I was made Assistant To Vice President Of Marketing for Sharp Electronics.  I went on with him to two other companies, Texas Instruments, and Ricoh Of America.  I did a great job for him and he appreciated it, that is why he took me with him to two other big companies.


I hope you know what you want out of life and have some plans and goals to get you there.  People that don’t have a written plan and some direction of what they want in life usually fail.  We know there are a lot of people that fall into that category, and if you are you need to make that first big change immediately.  It seems like a lot of people get into the workforce without any direction and get stuck in a position they hate and are miserable.  This is called a rut, and if you are there right now I think you should look at a couple of opportunities I have here that may help you.


In 1999 I had a small yacht that I kept in Panama City Beach, Florida.  One day this much bigger yacht made by the same manufacturer as mine came into the dock with generator problems.  Well, I had to go check this beautiful new 54′ Silverton out.  When I met the owner his name was Larry Price and he was very gracious and showed me around.  When we were finished I had to ask this man what he did for a living.  He gave me a tape and said to go home and listen to it and he would call me in a couple of days.  The week before I met Larry I had my annual physical and the blood work concerned me some as the numbers were not very good.  When Larry called me he asked me what I thought about the tape and I told him I would try it.  I have been taking this for twenty years now, and I am 82 years old now.  After being on this product for four months I went back to my doctor and had my blood work done again, to my surprise all the numbers were in the normal position now and everything was perfect.  That convinces me that I need this and I am sure it has kept me healthy all of those years.  I never catch colds or anything anymore, because it strengthens my immune system.   Thirty years ago my Dad came down with Alzheimer’s and died.  I asked a doctor friend of mine what I could do to maybe prevent this from happening to me.   He told to start taking Omega 3 Fatty Fish Oil and I have been for thirty years now.  I have no heart problems or memory problems today because of this I believe.  I know they still have not proved that it works, but I am a firm believer in it and have family taking it.   This company I have been talking about has been in business for over thirty years now and is a DIRECT SALES COMPANY.  They have this product being sold all over the world today, and even Franchise it so you can sell it and make a commission on your sales.  This website I want you to check out very thoroughly and look at the testing and the medical doctors all over the world recommend it on videos.  You can contact me anytime EST at 404 271-8391 and I would be happy to help you get started and answer any questions you may have.  So  CLICK RIGHT HERE to see the website.  Thank you   Don Raposo


This company has been in business here on the internet since 2005 which is pretty old for an internet company to still be here.  They are very honest people and are not a scam like so many of the others out there.  There are over 140,000 members in our community all over the world.  I got involved with them through a good friend that has been on the internet making a lot of money since 1999.  His name is Rob Fore.  The co-owners of this company are from Canada and their names are Carson & Kyle and they are very active in the company, in fact, you reach them all of the time here.  This is not a get rich quick system, it requires work and learning on your part, but the part I like about it is it is FREE to start learning and doing.  When you feel comfortable with it later and would like to advance to Premium Membership you can for only $49.00 a month.  You will receive a lot more back because of what they will do for you to get going.  I would be pleased to help and coach you along the way too.  The name of the company is Wealthy Affiliate, and they will teach you how to build affiliates with many many companies so you can share in the profit of their products on the internet.  You can almost receive residual commissions for people that you bring on board under you monthly.  There is so much more to this that I am not going into right now, but I think if you will sign-up on the link below we can get you started immediately, FREE, no credit card needed.  If you are the right kind of person you can do this, it is not for everyone though.

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