When they wouldn’t let me drive my Triumph 650 cc Thunderbird motorcycle in 1955 I left Arabia and came back to the states, and my family stayed in Saudi Arabia working for ARAMCO. After six months of traveling and visiting my old friends from Arabia I ended up in Jacksonville, FL, broke. It was a great time because my roommate from Switzerland had moved to Washington DC with his dad the General. I partied with him that summer with all the college kids that their families worked for the government that summer. It was a ball, sleeping all day and going out all night raising hell.

When my parents came back on summer vacation I was given three choices, 1. Go To College 2. Come back to Arabia and work. 3 Go in the service. Well, I figured this was going to be duck soup, I would go in the Army for two years. So I marched myself down to the Army & Air Force recruiting office.

Well, the Army recruiter had just bought a new car and was out driving it around, so the Air Force recruiter got a hold me and told I didn’t want to go in the Army, that the Air Force can give me a career in something. So he handed me this very large catalog and I started with the “A” and worked myself to the back of the book, and there it was X-Ray Technician, finally, that is what I would be trained in. After basic training, I was sent to Fort Sam Houston in Texas to school. There was only one other Air Force guy in the class while all of the others were two year Army, guys. Boy did I mess up or what. They gave me three choices for my first base I want to go to and I never heard of Myrtle Beach, SC but it sounded a lot better than the other two.

Would you believe the Air Force base was under construction when I got there, and we had to live in World War II wooden barracks that were left over from the forties, we called it splinter city. There wasn’t even a hospital there yet and I would be working in a small dispensary with just portable X-Ray Machine and that was it. I was the first trained X-Ray technician there and they had no idea what they were doing as far as X-Ray went. After about six months they sent us two more x-ray technicians and we never hardly worked.


Oh Boy! that was my coming out and we would wear our self out chasing all the women down there on summer vacation. Then in the winter time when everything stopped at the beach we would go visit all these girls on week ends in their home towns in North and South Carolina, I even had one in Silver Springs, MD.


She was sitting on the porch of a boarding home with a bunch of girlfriends and of course, I had to jump out of my car and run up to her and introduce myself. She was beautiful and smart I could tell right away. Well, we saw each other for the whole week that she was down there, and it continued with my visits to Yanceyville, NC on many weekends in the winter. She was the marrying kind, but I wasn’t ready to do that just then. Well, the Air Force sent me to Korea for a year, and we wrote to each other quite a bit. We just kind of lost track of each other and went our own way when I got discharged. Below is a picture of Gayle on the left side with her sister on the right taken in 1957.

1957 Gayle on left and her sister on the right.


It was sent to me on November 28, 2005 from a lady named Tonya. This is what she said:

Mr. Raposo,

I do not know if I have the right person, but I found your name by searching the net. Whether you are him or not, you will probably think I need to get a life, but… Recently I purchased a box of personal letter on EBay. They were to a Gayle Stuck of Yanceyville, NC. The person I purchased them from said the son was selling off the estate and he did not want them. I was interested in the comings and goings of the era and thought they would make a fun read. There are probably a dozen letters and one photo from a Don Raposo serving overseas. They are very nice correspondences and share an idea of his time there. In this modern world, letters are becoming so scarce – we communicate with email, by telephone – and we loose a lot of our history. I thought if you were this Don Raposo or a decendent, you might like to have the letters. It seems from the letter that Don was originally from Florida and met Miss Stuck at a beach. That’s about all I know. Please let me know if you are the person I am looking for. If not, I’m sorry to have bothered you. If so, and you would like the letters, just send me and address and I will mail them to you. Thanks for your time.


I found out later that she died of breast cancer an is buried in her hometown at their church cemetery. She had two children a boy and a girl and their father passed away shortly after her with Alzheimer’s. I couldn’t believe that after all of those years I received the above email from a complete stranger in Texas, a real Texas Lady I am sure.


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