You know this is the time of the year when we usually reflect on our lives and how it is going.  You can see in this picture the love and happiness that the grandkids are showing me.  It was a great moment for me then.  I would love to hear from you about your life and what you are thankful for?  How is it going in your family and your work and your health?  That is why I titled this, “WHAT DO YOU WANT FOR CHRISTMAS?”.


Let me tell you why I have been blessed with excellent health even in my eighties.  Over thirty years ago my Dad came down with Alzheimer’s and he passed away thirteen years later.  I was in my fifties back then and I certainly did not want to come down with that.  I asked a doctor friend of mine what he thought I could do to prevent it.  He suggested I start taking Omega 3 Fatty Fish Oil.  Well, I have been taking 5, 1000mg pills a day ever since then.  I do not have any memory problems and no heart problem in all of these years.  It made sense to me that we have lubrication in our car engines and that I feel that we need fish oil in our systems, just like the Japanese do with all of their fish eating.  They have not proven that it works, but like I told my doctor, it has proven it to me after all of these years.


People tell me that they can not believe that I am 82 years old because I don’t look it, and I am very active and do not have any problems with my age.  I guess it was about fifteen to twenty years ago I was listening to a gentleman on the radio talking about Melatonin it is a growth hormone and he claimed it had help kept him stay younger and was good for sleep support at night.  Well, I started taking it for the sleep support and I think it has help me with my aging too.  Anyway, I wanted to share it with you.


Back in September of 1999, I was in Panama City Beach on my Silverton cabin cruise in the marina.  I notice another brand new 53′ Silverton next door in a marina.  Well being the same make as mine I had to go over and check it out.  The owner was Larry Price from Atlanta and was very nice and showed me all around the boat.  I had to ask Larry what he did for a living to afford such a beautiful yacht.  He gave me a tape and told me to listen to in when I had a chance and that he will call me to see what I thought of it. I always have my annual physical in September and I just had it the week before.  There were some problems with my blood work.  Some of the important numbers were pretty high and it didn’t look too good.  I told Larry that I would try it.  Four months later I went back to my doctor and my blood work done again.  Boy was I surprised!  All of my numbers had come down to where they should have been and all I can say is this stuff is working.  I have my immediate family using it and I have been on it for just about twenty years.  The company that manufactures this product has been in business for forty years and developed this product over thirty years ago.  It is a direct sales company and has a business opportunity for you if you are interested in their Franchise Department.  I would like you to go see what it is all about right here and watch the video’s and listen to the science on this product.  JUST CLICK RIGHT HERE and it will tell you all about it, and you can purchase it there too. 

I would really appreciate it if you would leave me a comment at the bottom of this page and I will get back with you to answer any questions you may have. 


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