When I was fifteen years old way back in 1951 my Dad went to work for ARAMCO (Arabian American Oil Company) and after eighteen months working there, my two brothers and my mother and I were able to move to Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. 

That was my first airplane traveling and there were no jets back in those days, so we flew out of New York on a company plane, it was a DC-4 no pressurization either.  We flew to Newfoundland and then to Scotland, and to Paris, France.  We stayed there for one night and then flew into Beruit and then on to Dhahran. 

Over the desert, the flight was very rough and a lot of us got airsick and filled up those little paper bags we had in our front of us.  That was quite an experience for this young guy. 

We moved in to brand new cinderblock duplex with three bedrooms, and one bathroom, dining area, and living room.  There were central cooling towers for the air conditioning that was piped into each home for blocks around the tower.  The camp was all fenced in and we had everything from movies, bowling alleys, snack bar, swimming pool and it was like a military camp for the senior staff.  The school only went up to the ninth grade and after that, you had to go back to the states or Europe for school. 

I went to Montana Instuit Zugerberg, Switzerland that was located on top of a mountain outside of the town of Zug.  It was a very exclusive international boys school.  My roommate’s great-grandfather was Walter Reed and there were other famous people there.  There were twenty-two nationalities there and the Americans seemed to have the best grades but got into trouble more than most.  


In the eighties when the internet became available a lot of us kids that grew up in Saudi started Brat Chat on the internet for our far-flung kids that lived all over.  We started having reunions every two years in different cities in the United States.  On the internet, we were asked by the president of the association asked us to write stories about our childhood in Saudi.  In 1955 the old King Iban Saud would drive around the Saudi camps in his new Cadillac throwing out coins to the people and his electric window got stuck in the down position.  My Dad was a foreman at the light car garage in Dhahran so they brought the King in his car to my Dad’s garage to fix the window.  The King was so appreciative that he gave my Dad a gold pocket watch with his picture on it.  And that is the story that I wrote. 

The Kingdom had a book written and put all these stories in it, and then picked eighteen stories that they like and invited us back to Saudi Arabia in May 2000 as the guest of the Royal Family.  There were twelve men and seven women invited and we visited for two weeks and toured the country and were treated like Kings.  We met King Abdullah and his three brothers one being King Salman the new King since King Abdullah passed away a few years ago.  This is a picture of King Salman when the group met him.



Now I am 82 years old and I was the oldest of the group then, but I am retired living in Atlanta, GA with my wife Pat of 49 years of marriage.  We have three grown children and five grandchildren right now.  I joined the USAF after I left Arabia and was trained as a medical X-Ray Technician.  I then got into sales and marketing and did that for the rest of my working career. 

I am now on the internet helping people how to improve there life’s by teaching and showing them how to make a future for themselves.  I know you and I have not met and there are so many scams on the internet today, but I have one that has been in business since 2005 and is not a scam and is very honest and trustworthy.  I would be honored if you would take a look at and see if it may be something you may be interested in.


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