This picture is so beautiful, and it reminded me of my childhood when I lived in Massachusetts after a new snow. It reminds me of my future and what is up ahead of me as I grow and learn about what direction I will take in my future life. I know a lot of you have thought the same thoughts when you started a new beginning in life. I guess it is the RISK OF FAILURE that concerns most of us. That is why a lot of us will not look at anything difficult that involves to much work or RISK.  It is not that you are not capable of doing it, it is your FEAR OF FAILURE that could result in a loss of resources and time on your part on your part.  That is why you have not grown and learned the things that you need to progress in the direction you want to go, or should have done.

Well, I am 82 years old now, and I am still growing because I do not want to rot. Because of that hurricane in Florida in October, I lost my big beautiful cabin cruiser to hurricane Michael.  It was my second home where I could go fishing, and relax and have time to think.  It was like my second home at the beach in Panama City. I am not going to let that hurricane ruin my good times at the beach.  I have been working here on the internet for the last four years building a business of my own with WEALTHY AFFILIATE.


That is what I want to talk to you about.  This company has been in business since 2005 and has over 140,000 members worldwide.  It is not a scam like so many others are out there on the internet.  I know about scams because I got suckered into a few of them in the last few years.  This is definitely not, in fact, it is completely FREE to join and learn all about what they can do for you on the internet and after they teach you how to learn about the internet, you decide if you want to take the next step.  After that, there are no more up sales and is very reasonable.


Unfortunately, without learning something you are going to be unable to do things on the internet.  Back when I was a child learning to ride my bike, my mother helped me diligently get up and running.  In fact, she simplified the process by putting extra “training wheels” on my bike.  This is what I needed to learn how to ride the bike

    • through training
    • through self-motivation
    • the more you know and the more you learn, the more you do naturally

Think of this in perspective of basketball. Do you think Michael Jordon thought about the mechanics of his shot every time he scored a basket? No, he practiced so much that he was able to let his mind run free and he was able to just “score” naturally.

This is what is going to happen when you get trained, but you must Practice Properly.
Here is what you are going to get when you sign-up for $0.00 FREE.

Personal Help and Support

    • Ability to get personal help from me and the co-owners Kyle and Carson
    • Hep within a community of 10’s of thousands of users
    • Live Chat support
    • Ongoing topical discussion
    • Two free Websites
    • Fully functional Word Press Sites
    • Ready to make money online
    • Video Classes
    • Tutorials
    • Courses
    • Entire Classrooms

All of this for a big fat $0.00, and no credit card required. It seems nuts and that is because it is. You will not find training this robust anyqhere and support like this anywhere. There is a Premium Option that you should consider later, that will only give you more access to WAY MORE.
As show in the screen capture below, choose the Startter, $0.00 per month option and you will instantly get access to the community after you offer your sign-up details.



There is more than one avenue for help – as a newbie, I have really needed to advantage of these facilities and they have been awesome! SITE SUPPORT is all about your Website coming undone somewhere, and they are a message away, and incredibly quick to respond and assist you. You can message your PREMIUM COACHES which are available for your help and of course, we have LIVE CHAT which is ongoing steaming chat, it is a fabulous way to learn without having to ask questions as you see what the community is doing.  Look at all the help that is available to us all.



With Wealthy Affiliate, you have a few ways you can make money.  The first one that I tried to get people from my website on the internet.  I post my pages or post on Facebook and Google Plus, and Tweeter and Linkedin.  I share with people how they can grown and learn with Wealthy Affiliate and have people sign up with me.  When they become Premium Member you will receive a residual commission from them every month or year that they are a member.  The second way you can earn money is by people making purchases on thousands of products on the internet and you will make a small commission on all of those purchases. This will take some time for you to build a list of people, so you have to be consistent and work at it.


Wealthy Affiliate has all the tools to get you started today, at no cost to you to start and learn here.  This is truly an affordable online business opportunity to get you started.  After you have gone through all the teaching lessons and you feel good that you know what you are doing you can look at the being a PREMIUM MEMBER for only $19.00 the first month and $49.00 a month after the first month.  Does it create the opportunity to scale your business and earn passive income?  Absolutely! there are members of our community who work a few hours a week to keep their businesses ticking over, the rest of the time is all theirs after a few months working at this.

Don’t delay, if you are looking for a lifestyle of freedom, click on the link below and enjoy the FREE STARTER MEMBERSHIP. It will not cost you a dime!

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